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Qualified Individual Services

Since the inception of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA ‘90), Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) has been providing Qualified Individual (QI) services to thousands of ships and facilities, twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year. Our staff is comprised of highly experienced QI’s, who undergo continuous training in incident management and regulatory compliance.

In addition to serving as Qualified Individuals to our clients in U.S. Waters, the GMS QI team is also qualified to serve as the Authorized Individual (AI) in Canadian Waters. As per Chapter 36, Statutes of Canada 1993, vessels must also appoint an Authorized Individual (AI). In many ways, the AI acts in the same capacity as QI. GMS provides this service in Canada.

Additionally, GMS offers Authorized Person (AP) for vessels transiting the Panama Canal.

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The GMS QI Advantage:

  • GMS provides a “live” QI watch twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Each call is answered by one of our trained and qualified QI watch standers.
  • Each QI watch stander undergoes a vigorous training program modeled under OPA ‘90 regulations, the National Contingency Plan, and the Incident Command System. Additionally, GMS QIs are well versed in all areas of services provided.
  • GMS Qualified Individuals have successfully managed responses to large scale casualties involving hundreds of response workers and employing significant amount of resources.
  • On numerous occasions, the QI has managed multiple incidents occurring simultaneously.
  • Our QIs routinely manage a variety of small scale incidents such as soft groundings, deck spills, loss of power, and machinery/stern tube leaks.
  • The QI is able to assists vessels concerning various issues. These issues can range from Port Entry/Detention problems, Average Most Probable Discharge (AMPD) issues, and plan related items.
  • The QI serves as the main point of contact for vessels  conducting quarterly communication drills and unannounced exercises performed by state officials and/or U.S. Coast Guard. The QI coordinates agency notifications, equipment deployment (if required) and guides the master in proper response to the drill scenario when involved in an unannounced exercise.

The GMS Canadian AI Advantage:

  • With the ship owners’ approval in writing, the GMS AI has full authority to activate & engage in contracting with Response Organizations, act as a liaison with the Canadian Coast Guard and/or other regulatory authorities and obligate funds required to carry out response activities.
  • The GMS AI undergoes the same qualification and training program as the QI.

Panama Authorized Person:

  • The GMS Panama Authorized Person (AP) staff consists of individuals located in Panama, bilingual (Speaking Spanish and English), who poses expertise in responding to issues related specifically to this region.
  • The GMS Panama AP is trained in conforming to the Panama Canal Authority regulations. The AP serves as the liaison between the vessel and the Panama Canal Authority.
  • The GMS Panama AP is knowledgeable and capable of responding under the Incident Management System.