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OSRO and Salvage

Whether traveling to a high volume port or transiting a remote area, regulations require that vessels enter into contracts with various Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSRO) and Salvage & Marine Fire Fighting (SMFF) resource providers. Facilitating OSRO and SMFF contracts is generally integrated into the vessel response plan preparation process; however, vessels traveling to select regions may be required to obtain proof of additional response resources. These select regions include: Canada, Washington State, Hawaii, certain regions of California, and remote areas of Alaska, Guam and American Samoa

Gallagher Marine Systems has established and continues to maintain positive lines of communication with all major OSRO and SMFF resource providers. Allowing GMS to liaise the contracting process ensures mutual understanding and smooth cooperation among our compliance partners.

GMS also offers assistance with arranging coverage for Average Most Probable Discharge (AMPD). For more information on AMPD, click here.

To learn more about OSRO and SMFF contracting, please contact our general email account: [email protected]