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Plan Preparation and Maintenance

Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) has prepared a variety of regulatory compliant and customer specific Contingency, Strategic and Tactical Response Plans and Operations Manuals.  These plans have been developed for Marine Transportation-Related (oil refineries, oil terminals) Facilities, Mobile Facilities, Pipeline and Power Companies.  In addition to plan preparation, GMS also reviews contingency plans and operations manuals for regulatory compliance and third party vetting purposes to provide an objective appraisal of the respective plan and manual contents.

Examples of GMS plan capabilities are listed below

  • Facilities – GMS has prepared and received approval for Facility Response Plans (FRP) in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard requirements under 33 CFR 154.1035 and with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements under 40 CFR 112.  Additionally, GMS has produced Operations Manuals under 33 CFR 154.310 which have been approved by various USCG units.  In both cases, these plans have been prepared, submitted and approved for Marine Transportation-related (oil refineries, oil terminals) and mobile facilities.
  • Pipelines – GMS has prepared a variety of pipeline related plans both in the United States and abroad examples of which are:
    • Tactical Response Plan: GMS produced Manuals for a pipeline firm which summarized tactical response information that was compiled to support initial emergency response efforts. The Tactical Response Plan included, among other things, Site Summaries for each control point, Map/Chart references, Response Maps, Description of the location and general access instructions; Description of the predicted general release/ flow paths; Identification of receiving water bodies and selected sensitive features; and Suggested Response Protocols and Tactics
    • International Pipeline Plan: GMS provided expertise to support the development of Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) for the Turkish section of the BTC pipeline and marine terminal at Ceyhan. Our involvement included the production of content, review of format and assurance of consistency with plans prepared for Azerbaijan and Georgia and the BP Incident Management System (IMS). Additionally, GMS were involved in development of site-specific response strategies, regional/country response strategies, and spill management strategies all of which had to be consistent with the training programs in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the IMS