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Facilities, Pipelines, & Power

Drills & Training

Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) has designed, executed and evaluated a variety of exercises and training seminars for facility, pipeline and power companies.  These exercises and training sessions vary in scope and complexity based on the needs of the customer.  The exercise or training package is designed to customer specifications in meeting attainable objectives for participants.  Following are some examples of training and exercises GMS has and can produce:

  • Exercises:
    • Facility, Power and Pipeline Regulatory Contingency Plan Exercises
      GMS has a wealth of experience in designing exercises that test regulatory approved contingency plans (i.e. Facility Response Plan, Pipeline Plan, etc.) to fulfill annual drill requirements. Exercises can be designed to include the following:

      • Traditional Table Top Exercise wherein the planholder crisis team is presented with a scenario and are challenged to meet a series of pre-designated regulatory and/or customer specific objectives.
      • Round table, break-out sessions to prepare personnel for incident specific issues.
      • Preparation for Government Unannounced Drills.
    • Facility, Power and Pipeline Internal Contingency Plan Exercises
      GMS has experience in designing exercises intended to test corporate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manuals, Strategic Response Plans and other similar plans.
  • Training:
    • Pre-drill training in which GMS will review key parts of the contingency plan
      • Review of personnel responsibilities within the plan.
    • Familiarization with Regulatory requirements, laws, authorities and their expectations.
    • Preparation for Regulatory Inspections.
    • Initial incident response from the command post level.
    • Initial incident response for the on-scene responder.
    • Incident Command System Training