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Exploration & Production

Spill Management Team Services

Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) maintains a fully-staffed, multi-disciplined and highly trained Spill Management Team (SMT). GMS has a distinguished, twenty-year track record serving our broad client base as the pre-designated SMT in contingency plans, acting on their behalf as a Spill Response Advisor, or in augmenting their in-house SMT capability. Select examples of past SMT projects in the United States are highlighted on our Spill Management Team Projects Map.

With respect to vessel casualties, GMS was the incident management team for three of the eight largest ship oil spills in the US over the past ten years, and our team was called upon and provided support for three out of the remaining five incidents. These were major (and highly notable) maritime pollution incidents resulting from ship casualties. GMS received praise from the USCG and State officials for their efforts in successfully managing all the response efforts. Our SMT continuously stands ready to respond on immediate notice to both domestic and international incidents.

While our past indicates a history of vessel, facility and pipeline related casualty responses, GMS has grown our existing coastal and inland waterway capabilities throughout the United States to include qualified first responders and management personnel capable of supporting an Exploration & Production (E&P) related response.

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