Full service technical support for the international maritime and petroleum industries.



At Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS), our consultants assist client organizations in achieving conformance with government regulations through advice to senior management and developing plans, processes and programs to ensure organization-wide compliance with applicable laws and standards.

Advantages of the GMS regulatory compliance consultant:

  • Developing regulatory strategies
  • Interpreting data and training personnel to ensure they understand their responsibilities in complying with regulations
  • Conduct and maintain communication with regulatory agencies on behalf of our compliance partners
  • Conducting research, making recommendations, and assisting clients with issues specific to their operations

The GMS consulting team is well-versed is many areas of U.S. and international environmental regulations. Our seasoned experts are capable of augmenting their skills and applying their vast knowledge to fit your organization’s specific needs. Below is a sample of our consulting capabilities:

Oil Pollution

  • Full Service OPA-90 Consulting
  • OPA-90 exercise preparation and execution
  • Federal and State Incident and Spill Management Team (IMT and SMT) services for Vessels, Facilities, Pipelines, Railroads and more
  • Oil Spill Removal Organization selection
  • Evaluation, audit and advice to clients on the efficacy of oil pollution claims


  • Review and vetting of SMS and other procedures as a qualified, objective third party auditor
  • Response plan preparation and maintenance required by U.S. Federal regulations (e.g., OPA-90); state requirements (e.g., California Contingency Plans); international law (e.g., SOPEP/SMPEP)Firefighting services and contractor selection
  • Emergency lightering services and contractor selection
  • Salvage services and contractor selection
  • Scheduling Tank Vessel Examination and Letter of Compliance Examination, and submitting the required fee to the USCG
  • IMO-required Garbage Disposal Plans
  • IMO/USCG required Cargo Securing Manuals
  • Master’s Arrival Checklists for Federal and State compliance
  • EPA Vessel General Permit compliance and other required documentation

Facilities, Pipelines and Power

  • Production and Maintenance of Pipeline Tactical Response Plans for US & International Pipeline companies
    • Mapping pipelines and associated environmental risk areas including the following:
      • Mapping drainages
      • Environmental areas
      • Failure points
      • Primary/secondary control points
      • Mitigation strategies, etc.
  • Assessment & Evaluation of Oil Spill Removal Organizations in proximity of pipelines and identification of support assets to be cascaded in if necessary
  • Pre-Acquisition, environmental due diligence & auditing for pipeline purchases

Emergency and Incident Response

  • Managing and mitigating casualties and incidents under the Incident Command System
  • GMS maintains in-house expertise which can be applied to disaster & catastrophic relief management and more
  • Primary Spill Management Team and/or Incident Management Team for vessels, facilities, pipelines, railroads and more
  • Fulfilling all roles of the Incident Command System (ICS) structure
  • Environmental (SCAT) support
  • Operational support both at the Incident Command Post and field levels.
  • Finance/Admin support
  • Liaison support

General Consulting

  • Support for International Safety Management (ISM) Code implementation, documentation development, internal auditing, training and maintenance
  • Although GMS specializes in U.S. regulatory compliance, our expertise is often called upon by many international compliance partners and industry members such Vessels, Facilities and Pipelines, Oil Majors, and others.
    • We have provided a variety of consulting services in regions of China, Panama, Argentina, and Canada, among others.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Client Advisories
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Media/Public Affairs management services

For more details on the services listed above, please visit our SERVICES pages.