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Spill Management Team Projects MAP

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Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) maintains emergency response capabilities throughout the U.S. and its territories on a 24-hour per day, 365 day per year basis.  We deal with an average of 1.5 incidents per week which range from minor incidents requiring notifications to large scale releases warranting full mobilization of a Spill Management Team. GMS utilizes an electronic ALERT system which enables immediate notification to our Spill Management Team members by location, specialty, etc. enabling us rapid deployment to any incident location.  Members of the GMS SMT train regularly on the latest regulatory requirements; they conduct and undergo Command Post Exercises with the U.S. Coast Guard and other regulatory agencies; and they maintain their skills by attending regular trainings on the Incident Command System, HAZWOPER, response equipment effectiveness and utilization, cost control and much more.

The above map represents some of the incidents GMS has been involved with over the years.  We have provided brief descriptions of some of these incidents which you can review by clicking your cursor on the respective map markers.