About Us

Full service technical support for the international maritime and petroleum industries.

About Us


Gallagher Marine Systems is the culmination of a multi-year effort to bring together four leaders in the international maritime consultancy field.  Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the respected companies of Corbett and Holt, Gallagher Marine Systems, Inc., Marispond, Inc., and Marispond (Hellas), Inc., have consolidated to become the premier provider of incident response, project management, regulatory compliance, contingency planning & response and a host of related consulting services.

Primarily spurred by the implementation of the U.S. Oil Pollution Act of 1990, the original companies of the consortium had established their respective areas of strength.  Gallagher Marine Systems had incorporated the highly respected spill response expertise of its founder with newly emerging computer technology to provide a unique approach to spill response planning execution.  Corbett and Holt excelled in providing a variety of consulting services to the maritime industry with particular emphasis on contingency planning.  Marispond, founded by a major coast-wide oil shipping company, brought with it a strong foundation in spill response and technical support to vessels entering U.S. ports.

Today, GMS has expanded into a multidiscipline organization, capable of providing a full range of environmental compliance services. Although we continue to be the leader in delivering highly skilled maritime related services, our expertise has also been proven in aiding facilities, pipelines, railroads and along with oil majors. With global representation, we are confident in meeting any need of our compliance partners.