About Us

Full service technical support for the international maritime and petroleum industries.

About Us


Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) is the industry’s most comprehensive source of full-service, in-depth, compliance support. Our capabilities are supported by an unmatched blend of practical field experience and regulatory compliance expertise.  However, we are regularly reminded by our clients that they enjoy our ability to address their needs with urgency and a willingness to help them comply with increasingly challenging requirements.  This has resulted in long standing relationships for which we are both proud of and gracious to continue.

GMS Qualified Individual (QI) and Incident Management Team (IMT) capabilities include some of the most highly qualified and extensively experienced oil spill casualty response experts in the industry. In understanding the diverse group of clients GMS has partnered with to provide compliance services, we are proud to have assembled a staff of personnel with a variety of backgrounds that collectively make our team the most qualified in the industry.  Staff members include former: U.S. Coast Guard port state control boarding officers, facility inspectors, seafarers, and emergency responders; HSQE managers; sailing Masters and Engineers, senior state environmental response personnel; a NOAA Scientific Support Coordinator; OSRO employees and more.

Presently GMS provides full-service regulatory compliance to more than 550 global shipping companies representing over 5,000 tankers and nontankers trading to the U.S., Panama and Canada. We are also proud to provide these services to pipeline, facility, railroad, and energy companies while also acting as backup IMT for oil majors.  Accordingly, GMS has developed thousands of (vessel, facility & pipeline) spill response and contingency plans; devised and conducted scores of drills and training programs; and provided related consulting services for facilities, major and independent oil companies, marine terminals, and government agencies.