• Contingency Plans

    Dedicated to providing the utmost level of expertise in contingency plan design, development and maintenance. Our highly skilled staff caters to a range of criteria based on the specific needs of each client.

    Contingency Plans
  • Emergency Incident Management

    Our expert team is comprised of multi-disciplined professionals, capable of providing an organization suited to the requirements of each incident, including a complete Incident Command System (ICS) organization.

    Emergency Incident Management
  • Shipboard Technical Services

    Our technical services team has extensive sea-going experience and is strategically positioned to provide an unmatched blend of high level technical services.

    Shipboard Technical Services
  • Training and Drills

    The Drills and Training staff of GMS is uniquely qualified to design and conduct professional training and exercises that are compliant with the OPA ’90 National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) and California State guidelines.

    Training and Drills
  • Facility, Pipeline and Power Services

    We prepare a variety of regulatory compliant and customer specific Contingency, Strategic and Tactical Response Plans and Operations Manuals, and we are the primary incident responder and Spill Management Team for several large facility, power and pipeline companies in addition to large insurance companies.

    Facility, Pipeline and Power Services
  • Gallagher Marine Systems Events

    Click here to access the GMS Shutterfly Photo Share Site.  We welcome you to view and enjoy these photos from the many events hosted by GMS.

    Gallagher Marine Systems Events

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Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) is the industry’s most comprehensive source of full-service compliance support. Our capabilities are supported by an unmatched blend of practical field experience and regulatory compliance expertise. The GMS Qualified Individual (QI) and Spill Management Team (SMT) include some of the most highly qualified and experienced spill casualty response experts in the industry. Combined, they have responded to a majority of the significant incidents in the United States and around the world since the early 1970’s.

GMS provides full-service regulatory compliance to more than 400 global shipping companies, representing over 4,000 tankers and nontankers trading to the U.S., Panama and Canada. We have developed thousands of spill response and contingency plans; developed and facilitated scores of drills and training programs; and provided in-depth consulting services for facilities, major and independent oil companies, marine terminals, and government agencies.

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Client Advisories

GMS Client Advisory 20-22 – National Response Corporation New Toll-Free Phone Number

GMS Client Advisory 20-22a -Attachment 1 – NRC Client Advisory Letter – Emergency Response Telephone Number Change 11.22.2022

GMS Client Advisory 20-22b – Attachment 2 – NRC WA Plan – Notification Placard – 2022

GMS Client Advisory 20-22c – Attachment 3 – NRC WA Plan – Field Document – 2022

GMS Client Advisory 19-22 – California CARB At Berth Regulation

GMS Client Advisory 19-22a -Attachment 1 – Section 93130.5 – CARB Approved Emission Control Strategy

GMS Client Advisory 19-22b -Attachment 2 – Section 93130.6 – Opacity Requirements

GMS Client Advisory 19-22c -Attachment 3 – Section 93130.7 – Vessel Operator Requirements

TROPICAL CYCLONE OUTLOOK 23 November 2022 through 06 December 2022

GMS Expands Shipboard Tech Services With mAuditor

Enhancing Maritime Governance by R. Allain & T. Wiker – Proceedings Magazine